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Module 1 A new start

Understanding ideas课文

My First Day at Senior High我高中的第一天!

“Good morning, everyone. Before we start, please come to the front one by one and introduce yourself to the class. I’ll go first…”

大家上午好!在我们开始上课前,请大家一个个到前面来给同学们做一下自我介绍。 我先来……”

“What?!” I tried to turn on my brain but the engine just wouldn’t start. “I should say my name, of course. But what else? What could I say to make a good first impression? Something about my insect collection, perhaps.” I was organizing my words in my head when the girl next to me gave me a nudge. “It’s your turn!”

什么?!我试着开动脑筋,可是大脑一片空白(引擎却怎么都发动不起来)。 当然,我应该说我的名字。但是,还要说些什么呢?我应该怎么说才能给大家留下一个好印象呢?或许可以讲讲我的昆虫收集。

With butterflies in my stomach, I breathed deeply. “Hi, I’m Meng Hao.” Everyone started laughing. I looked at them in panic. “Nice to know we share the same name,” said my new teacher. I had been too nervous to pay attention when he introduced himself! Although I was embarrassed, his words made me a lot more relaxed!

由于内心发慌,我进行深呼吸。大家好,我是孟浩。大家都笑起来。我惊慌地看着他们。 “很高兴知道我们重名,”我的新老师说。我太紧张了以至于老师介绍自己的时候我没有注意听。虽然我有些尴尬,他的话却使我感觉放松多了。

When we had all introduced ourselves, Mr Meng said, “Well done, everyone! I know this isn’t easy for many of you. But this is just the kind of thing you are going to face at senior high. Challenges like this might sometimes put you under pressure. But it all depends on what you do. Keep calm and be prepared. That way, you’ll make the most of your time at senior high.”


People say, “Well begun, half done.” I guess this was a good beginning to my new school life.


Developing ideas采访对话

High School Hints


Interviewer: Hello and welcome to School Talk! Today I’m joined by a former student of our school, Lisa Osborne. Lisa graduated from our school last June and is about to go to college in New York. Lisa, thank you for coming to share your suggestions for high school with us.


Lisa: Hi, everybody. I’m very glad to be back. I feel as if high school was only yesterday!


Interviewer: So what helped when you first started high school?


Lisa: Orientation Day was really helpful. It’s a fantastic opportunity for new students to get to know the school and the other students. I even made some new friends! Just keep an open mind and take part in as much as possible.


Interviewer: That’s sound advice for sure. But how did you deal with new challenges, like starting a new course?


Lisa: I had a chemistry test right at the end of the first week. I was frightened at the sight of the test paper. But then I figured I’d better just go all out and see what happens. If you fail, no problem-next time you can fail better


Interviewer: So, hold your head up, then. But life is not always easy. You must have had some moments when you were disappointed. If so, how did you deal with them?


Lisa: As a member of the school volleyball team, I wasn’t selected for the end-of-year competition. At first I was really sad, but later I realized that I joined the team for the love of the sport. It wasn’t just about winning. So I kept working hard to support my teammates during our training. There’s always a way to be part of something you love, isn’t there?


Interviewer: Yes, I totally agree. Is there anything else in particular that you’d like to share with us?


Lisa: Looking back on my high school life, the most important advice I’d give is these wonderful words from the writer Maya Angelou. She said, “Be a rainbow in somebody else’s cloud.” So, give your friends a hand when they need it. And this will make you feel good, too.



Interviewer: Neat! Well, thanks again for coming to speak to us, Lisa. And good luck with college!


Lisa: Thank you.





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